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Did Someone Say "Gift Box"? November 12 2015, 0 Comments

Give bamboo to yourself, your loved ones, or that neighbor you never know what to get. Boxes feature curated items eloquently packaged in a branded gift box within your shipment, making it perfectly giftable.

We're very excited to launch our first set of gift boxes (yes, more are on the way). We think this is a great, fun way to purchase bamboo products. We've taken the liberty of organizing what goes in the box for you. Simply choose the box that suits your the person to whom your gifting and enjoy.

Freedom Sock Box:

a collection of our not-so-traditional socks. This box is for those who dare to stand up the mundane, outdated footwear traditions that have plagued society for too long. Click here for more details.

Chairman of the Board Sock Box:

featuring only those socks a true boss can wear. The only thing missing from this box is a $10,000 rolex, and the only reason we don’t include is because we’re not an authorized dealer. Click here for more details.

Fitness Sock Box:

if you’re a fitness freak, you need this box. This box provides 8-pairs of our bamboo ankle socks. These socks are high performing, sweat absorbing machines that feel like cashmere. You’ll never want to work out without them. Click here for more details.

Bamboo Basics:

Just the basics for those willing to venture down the bamboo path. This box features one bamboo t-shirt, boxer briefs, and a 2-pack of socks. If you were to wear all three items at the same time, you’d officially be the softest person on the planet. That’s how soft bamboo is. Click here for more details.

We’re looking to add more gift boxes. Reach out us with your suggestions for our next box.