Zockster is now Bamboo Supply Co. July 06 2015, 0 Comments

To our customers:

With excitement we’re announcing that Zockster is now Bamboo Supply Co., offering great products you use daily made from bamboo.

We believe in bamboo. It’s an incredible natural resource that can be crafted, wielded, and sewn to create products that people love.

Why the change:

As our company has grown, we’ve come to realize that we’ve outgrown Zockster. Zockster began as a subscription service delivering white ankle socks and black dress socks to customer’s doors. Our socks were made from viscose from bamboo because we took a risk on a tip from someone who had spent years in the apparel industry on a textile that, although not as widely used as others (i.e. cotton), physically felt and performed superior to anything else we were considering. It was a risk that began to define our business. Our customers began to love bamboo, and we began to realize that we had something more than a subscription sock service.

We’ve grown to offer over 20 bamboo products, including new sock styles, t-shirts, boxer briefs, and women’s underwear. As we continue to expand the variety of bamboo products we offer, we need a name, a brand, and a culture that better captures who we’ve become. We feel Bamboo Supply Co. satisfies that need.

What to expect:

Over the next few months you can expect the variety of bamboo products we offer to grow. Additionally, we’re improving the bamboo products we’ve always offered. For example our socks have been made from 85% viscose from bamboo and 15% spandex. We’ll soon implement an improved style made from 85% viscose from bamboo and 15% polyester. We’ve learned that by using polyester in place of spandex, we’re able to substantially increase the sock’s durability, while maintaining its ability to stretch and form to your foot. As always, its bamboo properties will continue to provide a moisture wicking, cashmere feeling experience that your foot will thank you for. We look forward to hearing your feedback on these improvements.

What’s staying the same:

We’ll continue to offer customers the opportunity to subscribe to each of our products. We love subscriptions. We think they’re fun (who doesn’t love a Sock of the Month Club?) and useful for people with active lives, needing certain products delivered to their door on a recurring basis. For those currently signed up for a subscription, this change will not effect your service. We look forward to continuing to deliver great products to your door.

We’re anxious to share Bamboo Supply Co. with each of you. Our hope is to build a community around this company, and that community starts with you. Please feel free to reach out to us with your thoughts on this transition. As we always remind customers when replying to a customer support ticket: “We’re human beings!” So reach out, talk to us, tell us how you feel about our products and service. We want you to be as excited about this change as we are.


Zachary, Aaron, and Larry
Email us anytime at hello@bamboosupplyco.com