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Introducing: The World's Softest Sheets! May 08 2018, 0 Comments

Announcing bamboo sheets, made from 100% viscose from bamboo! You spend nearly eight hours a day sleeping. You might as well sleep in the world’s softest sheets.

Sourcing high quality, durable bamboo products is challenging. On our search for quality bamboo sheets, we encountered a barrage of manufacturers promising “better quality” sheets than the next guy. The reality we discovered was: quality bamboo sheets are hard to find. Many companies boast “high quality” bamboo sheets that are a blend of microfibers and bamboo instead of 100% viscose from bamboo.These blended sheets sell for less than those made entirely from viscose bamboo but are noticeably rougher to the touch, and lack the defining properties that make bamboo sheets so desirable. Blended sheets didn’t pass our comfort tests.

Here’s what makes bamboo sheets made from 100% viscose from bamboo so special:

  • Moisture wicking: a not-so-fun fact is that humans can release up to a pound of sweat a night. Many people find that viscose from bamboo fibers actually whisk moisture from your skin, ensuring that you stay calm, comfortable, and clean while you rest.
  • Ultimate Softness: viscose bamboo fibers are naturally long, unlike cotton, and don’t have to be “bunched” together when sewn to create sheets. The result is that even the lowest thread count bamboo sheets are far softer than the highest thread count cotton sheets. Having thoroughly examined numerous types of sheets, we can confidently say, sheets made from 100% viscose from bamboo are the world’s softest sheets (this isn't a marketing joke, they really are the softest sheets we've ever encountered).

Once we got our hands on 100% viscose from bamboo sheets and put these features to the test, we decided these were the only sheets worth offering our customers. Our sheet sets come in five elegant colors, fit double, queen, king, and california king beds, and include 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, and 2 pillowcases. We hope you’ll find them worth the price, and so fantastic that they change the way you think about bedding. Shop Bamboo Supply Co. sheets →

Does your sock drawer look this good? August 01 2016, 0 Comments

Take pride in your socks and make your mornings a bit easier by organizing your drawers with this amazing fold technique. The key here is making everything visible right when you open the drawer — perfect for members of the Bamboo Supply Co. Sock of the Month Club!

Keeping it local in Chicago May 23 2016, 0 Comments

Bamboo Supply Co. Chicago Logo

Bamboo Supply Co. was born and bred in Chicago, and we like to keep our business as local as possible. So when moving our product warehouse and shipping partnership home to the Windy City became an option, we didn’t hesitate.

We’re excited to announce our newest partnership with fellow Chicago startup, ShipBob. As of May 17, 2016, Bamboo Supply Co. now leverages ShipBob’s warehouse and shipping capabilities. The switch has been seamless so far, and we anticipate a continued smooth transition. As always, we’re proud to support the local startup community, and our partnership with ShipBob is just the beginning of bigger and better things to come for Bamboo Supply Co.


We found the cutest clock March 13 2016, 0 Comments

We're always on the lookout for the best bamboo products around, and we fell for this adorable bamboo panda clock. If you're looking for socks (including our Sock of the Month Club), shirts and sweatshirts, underwear, or the perfect bamboo gift box you're in the right place.

Welcome to spring! Now don't forget to set your clocks ahead one hour.

Head over to Etsy to see more of this cute clock from our new favorite friends at KeepSake Toys, who make all of their goods in Los Angeles, California.

Did Someone Say "Gift Box"? November 12 2015, 0 Comments

Give bamboo to yourself, your loved ones, or that neighbor you never know what to get. Boxes feature curated items eloquently packaged in a branded gift box within your shipment, making it perfectly giftable.

We're very excited to launch our first set of gift boxes (yes, more are on the way). We think this is a great, fun way to purchase bamboo products. We've taken the liberty of organizing what goes in the box for you. Simply choose the box that suits your the person to whom your gifting and enjoy.

Freedom Sock Box:

a collection of our not-so-traditional socks. This box is for those who dare to stand up the mundane, outdated footwear traditions that have plagued society for too long. Click here for more details.

Chairman of the Board Sock Box:

featuring only those socks a true boss can wear. The only thing missing from this box is a $10,000 rolex, and the only reason we don’t include is because we’re not an authorized dealer. Click here for more details.

Fitness Sock Box:

if you’re a fitness freak, you need this box. This box provides 8-pairs of our bamboo ankle socks. These socks are high performing, sweat absorbing machines that feel like cashmere. You’ll never want to work out without them. Click here for more details.

Bamboo Basics:

Just the basics for those willing to venture down the bamboo path. This box features one bamboo t-shirt, boxer briefs, and a 2-pack of socks. If you were to wear all three items at the same time, you’d officially be the softest person on the planet. That’s how soft bamboo is. Click here for more details.

We’re looking to add more gift boxes. Reach out us with your suggestions for our next box.

We’re putting our cards on the table. August 27 2015, 0 Comments

We are a small team running a startup on some seed investment, and we’re trying to hone our focus. We also want to help you get in touch with us if we’re an ideal partner, and in a way that makes sense for both of us. In this post you’ll read about the products and services we use, a little bit about what we think about each, and what we’re looking for (and not looking for). We hope this helps get more information in the open. 

Right now we’re focused on product development, customer service, and improving our ability to connect with existing and new customers so that we can deliver bamboo basics, apparel, home goods, and accessories that bring them the most happiness. We’re prioritizing our time for these efforts, so we rarely participate in calls or demos for new products. We also limit our involvement in trials that require a lot of setup to demonstrate success, and those that lock in the data generated. Please don't take this personally, or as a suggestion that we don't want to grow our business, try your product, or partner with your organization. We’re simply trying to optimize our time by staying focused on some planned priorities, rather than trying every new idea that comes up, and at the same time, optimize your time so that you can reach out to targeted prospects.

Please save yourself some time and frustration by considering these plans first before cold emailing or calling. We are honestly trying to be transparent and kind about it; our cards are on the table. We still do hope to hear from you, and now when you contact us you'll have a little more insight into our state of mind.

Here’s what we use

Manufacturer: Our manufacturing partner in China is in the Zhejiang province. Please contact us at for more information. We are actively pursuing opportunities to produce more of our bamboo products in the United States.

Shopify: Shopify powers our website and store. We’re happy with the product and with the support we’ve received. Shopify is unable to manage subscription products, which is a critical part of our business and operations.

Chargify: Chargify fills the void left by Shopify, and powers our available subscriptions. Chargify sufficiently handles almost all of the subscription features that we need, but still hope for more customization and options. Chargify is built for developers to use the API, and the features we have using their stock checkout forms are limited. Most importantly, we would like to offer more robust account management features to subscribers. In addition, we’re working hard to bring integrated referrals, subscription management emails, and more.

ShipBob: ShipBob manages all of our shipments and connects our online presence to our physical warehouse in Chicago, IL.

SumoMe provides analytics about the Bamboo Supply Co. website and allows customers and other interested people to subscribe to receive news and sales from Bamboo Supply Co. We think this product is easy to use and effective; we’ve made it easier to subscribe to our emails and doubled the number of people who signed up in a month (conversions increased by almost 20%).

FreshDesk: FreshDesk manages all of the customer support tickets we receive, and is a great help to ensure that we receive every request or question, and can track it until it reaches as successful resolution. We are especially appreciative of FreshDesk Sprout plan, which is perfect for our startup now, and which we hope to grow from in the future.

Olark powers the live chat feature on our website.

Slack is our internal live chat application that keeps our team in touch. It’s an amazingly powerful, useful, and even fun tool to use. Slack makes it easy to keep in touch by providing great apps for desktops and mobile phones, intelligently routing messages to those apps, and sending anything missed by email. Email is a great last resort, and Slack helps us reduce the email we use, keep conversations natural and progressing, and maintains an archive of everything we’ve said (we’ve used it more than once to settle a debate!).

Google Apps for Work manages our email, shared documents, and calendars. For the email that we do have to use, the ability to use Gmail is by far one of the greatest productivity tools available to businesses today. We also use Google display and text ads to promote Bamboo Supply Co. to Internet users on sites and on the search page where it can be useful to finding the desired products and information online.

We use Twitter, Twitter ads, Facebook, and Facebook ads to maintain an online presence, enable customers to contact us in the most convenient manner for them, and promote the product to people who might be interested in bamboo but don’t yet know about Bamboo Supply Co.

In the past we used Unbounce to design our website and A/B test content, WisePops to offer email subscriptions, and Wordpress (with WooCommerce) to run the website and store.

What we’re looking for

Despite our best intentions, we know that our plans are not perfect, and are always open to a new product, service, or partnership that will benefit our business and customers. We are looking for products that help promote Bamboo Supply Co. products and increase sales by helping people who would likely be happy to learn about bamboo products to find them and learn more about them. We are looking for more great bamboo products to offer for sale online, by subscription, and by text message. We’re currently focused on expanding our basic offerings, adding more apparel, and launching our home goods and accessories lines. Being bamboo isn’t enough. It has to be a great bamboo product.

What we’re not looking for

Ads that interrupt. We are not currently interested in products that put the Bamboo Supply Co brand between internet users and the media they are looking for. In our experience, we have found that these ads, even the relevant ads, are intrusive. We use advertising products that fit naturally into what we hope our customers are doing on the Internet. 

Sponsored content on our site. We are not currently accepting any paid placement on our site or in our shipments.

Ads as content. We are not currently seeking products that display blog posts or other media from or about Bamboo Supply Co as paid displayed media on networks of other sites. We will continue to do the best we can to accurately label all of our content as advertising when it is in fact an ad.

Analytics platforms without clear performance tasks. We are not seeking any apps that help us sort through data unless insights from the app lead directly to changes we can make. For example, we use A/B testing to compare designs, and these data lead directly to changes on our site.

Products that connect with paid influencers. We are very engaged with bloggers, writers, sellers, and curators to share our product for reviews and promotion. If you want to review Bamboo Supply Co. products, please take a look at the current options, and please let us know a little bit about why you’re interested in reviewing the item. We consider every request for free review products on a case-by-case basis. We certainly welcome anyone interested, especially those starting up their own blogs and review brands to purchase a product and let us and your readers know how you like it and the value you get for the price. We are not currently interested in paying for influencers to add Bamboo Supply Co products on social media or other platforms. Ok, if you're a celebrity and want to try them out, let us know. Some rules are meant to be broken.

Hiring apps or platforms. We are not currently hiring.

Mobile ecommerce apps. We are not currently planning on building a standalone app.

Sock or other textile manufacturers that can produce the same or similar products. We are always interested in better production opportunities, so please contact us if you have developed a more sustainable, efficient, or otherwise better bamboo production facility. We’re also interested in bamboo manufacturers located in the United States.

Thank you

Thank you for reading this, and considering our mental capacity and inbox, and your own. We sincerely hope this helps, either by saving you time if our product or opportunity is not a fit at this time, or helping you structure some information about your business for us. We'll be replying to emails from writers who skipped this with a polite message and a link to read this info. For those who do read and get in touch, we promise to reply with a thoughtful response about how to best proceed — you'll have our attention.

This exact text is permanently displayed on our Transparency page, linked from every page on our website. As the company, products, and technology change, we will keep that page updated. We'll post any major updates again to the blog, and smaller updates will live only on the new page.

Bamboo Supply Co. featured on Doorstep Dapperness August 20 2015, 0 Comments

"Our mission is to deliver amazing bamboo products to your door, keep it super easy to stay stocked up on what you need, and provide the best support possible to our customers."

Read more about our mission to change the way you bamboo and more in our recent interview on Doorstep Dapperness from Dapper and Done → 

New: hearts, polka dots, and navy-striped August 18 2015, 0 Comments

New viscose from bamboo socks, now available from Bamboo Supply Co. We're committed to bringing both style and comfort to your sock drawer. These new styles do just that. Find your soulmate with new heart socks, your smile with polka dot socks, and your groove with navy-striped socks. All new styles will be available in the Bamboo Supply Co. Sock of the Month Club. Sock on! Click here to shop the latest styles  

Zockster is now Bamboo Supply Co. July 06 2015, 0 Comments

To our customers:

With excitement we’re announcing that Zockster is now Bamboo Supply Co., offering great products you use daily made from bamboo.

We believe in bamboo. It’s an incredible natural resource that can be crafted, wielded, and sewn to create products that people love.

Why the change:

As our company has grown, we’ve come to realize that we’ve outgrown Zockster. Zockster began as a subscription service delivering white ankle socks and black dress socks to customer’s doors. Our socks were made from viscose from bamboo because we took a risk on a tip from someone who had spent years in the apparel industry on a textile that, although not as widely used as others (i.e. cotton), physically felt and performed superior to anything else we were considering. It was a risk that began to define our business. Our customers began to love bamboo, and we began to realize that we had something more than a subscription sock service.

We’ve grown to offer over 20 bamboo products, including new sock styles, t-shirts, boxer briefs, and women’s underwear. As we continue to expand the variety of bamboo products we offer, we need a name, a brand, and a culture that better captures who we’ve become. We feel Bamboo Supply Co. satisfies that need.

What to expect:

Over the next few months you can expect the variety of bamboo products we offer to grow. Additionally, we’re improving the bamboo products we’ve always offered. For example our socks have been made from 85% viscose from bamboo and 15% spandex. We’ll soon implement an improved style made from 85% viscose from bamboo and 15% polyester. We’ve learned that by using polyester in place of spandex, we’re able to substantially increase the sock’s durability, while maintaining its ability to stretch and form to your foot. As always, its bamboo properties will continue to provide a moisture wicking, cashmere feeling experience that your foot will thank you for. We look forward to hearing your feedback on these improvements.

What’s staying the same:

We’ll continue to offer customers the opportunity to subscribe to each of our products. We love subscriptions. We think they’re fun (who doesn’t love a Sock of the Month Club?) and useful for people with active lives, needing certain products delivered to their door on a recurring basis. For those currently signed up for a subscription, this change will not effect your service. We look forward to continuing to deliver great products to your door.

We’re anxious to share Bamboo Supply Co. with each of you. Our hope is to build a community around this company, and that community starts with you. Please feel free to reach out to us with your thoughts on this transition. As we always remind customers when replying to a customer support ticket: “We’re human beings!” So reach out, talk to us, tell us how you feel about our products and service. We want you to be as excited about this change as we are.


Zachary, Aaron, and Larry
Email us anytime at

When love wins America wins. #pride #lovewins June 28 2015, 0 Comments

New: Viscose from bamboo shirts and boxers June 25 2015, 0 Comments

Bamboo shirts and boxers are now available! All of the fantastic benefits of bamboo that you already love in socks make for some great bamboo basics.

The shift is incredibly soft, wicks moisture from your skin, and has an elegant and natural fit that works well as an everyday t-shirt or as an undershirt. We have small, medium, and large sizes in stock, and the shirt fits true to size. Shop bamboo shirt → 

The boxers briefs bring comfort to the most important area. They're also super soft, designed to be supportive. The horizontal fly and stay-put waist band make these perfect for every part of your day. These are some of the best men's boxers on the market. We have medium and large in stock, and the boxer also fit true to size. Shop bamboo boxers → 

We're really excited to offer new basics to expand beyond socks, and hope you'll give the new products a try. The viscose from bamboo shirt and boxers come with Zockster Guarantee. If you try them and don't like them, we'll refund your purchase (limited to one of each product, for first time buyers of the shirt or boxers only — see the Zockster Guarantee for more information. Try on a shirt or a pair of boxers, and let us know what you think.


Welcome to Zockster! January 30 2015, 0 Comments

Zockster delivers amazing bamboo socks to your door. Subscribe to any product for automatic delivery and savings, or send a lucky friend or family member a gift subscription. More bamboo products are coming soon to Zockster, so check back with us at, sign up to receive sales and news from us by email, follow us on Twitter, or like us on Facebook.  We guarantee every bamboo product we sell, and are here to respond to your calls and emails to ensure that you're satisfied with every purchase.